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Hues Productions: An Insider’s Look

What is Hues Productions, and what do they do? As an intern for HP, I reflect on what I’ve learned over the past three months.

Hues Productions Dublin

What’s the Goal of HP?

Hues Productions focuses on “Bringing Broadway to Ireland.” In other words, Rory Hughes, HP’s founder, recognizes that while the country is bursting with stage schools, there are students don’t realize the amount of work it takes to become an actor on a big stage. It’s the goal of Hues Productions to help students understand what it takes, and hopefully give them that extra edge to succeed in the real world.

What Services Do We Offer?

Master Classes

The most prominent service is our Master Classes. These intensives are taught by an array of professionals, among whom is one spotlighted professional from either the West End or Broadway. With Rory’s connections in the theatre world, he is able to bring in professional stage actors from the states and UK for a lower rate than almost anyone else, and he provides their professional teaching capabilities to any student looking to get a leg up against their competition.

Broadway and Beyond

Another popular service offered by Hues Productions is “Broadway and Beyond.” This zany, fun night is an effort to bring together both amateurs and professionals to showcase themselves, work on new material, and attract audiences with the big names. Of course, one of the biggest reasons behind B&B is that it gives the amateurs more onstage experience. Learning from the professionals and being onstage is invaluable. Behind everything that HP does, there’s a teaching element, designed to help students improve their skills.

Future Endeavors

As if Rory Hughes isn’t busy enough already, he’s planning on bringing more services to the table. He will be expanding the company to reach into the corporate/business world as well. More info to follow soon!

Following the suit of Broadway and Beyond, Rory is also writing/creating his own dance piece, called “Holding On,” which delves into the emotion of grief. Writing new pieces is a talent and activity loved by Rory, and he plans on writing and directing many more following "Holding On" in the future.

What Differentiates HP?

After interning at Hues Productions for three months, I’ve gotten to see firsthand the amount of dedication that Rory Hughes has to his company. He has a massive network that he can consult with, and he takes advantage of it as much as possible in order to better his company. His people skills and ability to connect with others is what makes him capable of designing master classes and theatrical productions, because people know he cares, and he’ll make sure his event is a success. What makes Hues Productions special is that everyone involved in its productions, whether it’s a weekend master class, a tour of classes to various schools, or Broadway and Beyond, truly care about the outcome and the students that are taking part of the activity. The team at Hues Productions wants each individual student to make it to the big stage, and they’ll do their best to make sure that happens. For instance, one common way of helping our students is by recruiting those who have attended master classes to come and perform onstage at Broadway and Beyond - and future productions - to get some more experience that could possibly lead to more connections in Broadway and the West End.

In Conclusion

I’m very thankful for my experience working with Rory and Hues Productions. Learning from and working with someone who is as dedicated as Rory Hughes is a rare opportunity, and I submit that anyone involved in acting in Ireland should take advantage of the services HP offers. If you’re considering getting more experience in the dancing, singing, or acting realms, or you’d like more information, visit the Hues Productions site, or drop us a line at

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