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3 Ways Theatre Students Succeed in Life

When you dedicate yourself to the arts, you become more well-rounded. Here’s a list of a few ways theatre kids succeed in everyday life.

1. Communication

When you’re constantly practicing lines and working on the emotion behind the words, you become more natural at getting your point across. Theatre students understand where to put emphasis and emotion in their phrasing, and they do it quite successfully, due to all their practice. They are also naturally better at public speaking because every time they put on a performance, that’s exactly what they’re doing. In many roles, they have to open up and be vulnerable on stage, which is one of the hardest things to do in front of a large audience. If they are able to conquer that, then giving a speech is a piece of cake.

2. Studies

As one that works in theatre, you’re most likely used to putting in long hours and hard work. This dedication can be applied in almost all aspects of life, but one of which is school studies. Theatre students understand memorization, practice and repetition, and can transfer those skills honed in rehearsal to upcoming exams, homework and overall schoolwork. Considering the fact that dedicated theatre students start their stage life while they’re still in school, they know how to balance both school and theatre already, which makes them professionals at being able to deal with a busy lifestyle.

3. Improvisation

Most theatre students have experienced the horrifying reality of when something goes wrong onstage, and someone needs to do a little improv in order to make up for the potential crisis. With the ability to improv on the spot comes quick thinking skills, staying collected during a disaster, and self-confidence. These skills are so important in the business world, and can be applied to almost any life situation. People with these abilities already have a leg up on their competition and can oftentimes prove themselves worthy of almost any job.

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