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Motivation is sometimes hard to keep up... But here are steps to help to stay on track!

You will have tough days and weeks to come, as it is a part of life.

(Anyone who is taking the Leaving Cert, these steps will help you map out the next few months as well)

  1. Expect something great to happen today

  2. Make Weekly checkpoints

  3. Take control of what you can do and not what you cannot

  4. Read, Listen and speak with positive Information and affirmations

  5. Be positive with Family & Friends

  6. Learn from mistakes, not repeat them

  7. Make a plan

  8. Give yourself Breaks and Breathe

  9. Remind yourself with the goals you planned

  10. REWARD Yourself

-Reminding one self this everyday is tough but this will help keep your spirits up and putting positivity in the universe.

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If you’re looking to get that extra leg up on your competition or make connections in the professional theatre realm, then let us know! We host master classes taught by Broadway and West End professionals that you can attend! We also produce “Broadway and Beyond,” a great stepping stone for up-and-coming theatre students who want some experience alongside professionals! Email us or visit our website for more info.

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