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CHryssie Whitehead Master Classes

I was so engaged in every word she said. I was in awe of her to be honest. The whole time I was thinking "I want to train where she trained, I want to do what she's doing". She thought me that at the end of the day your dancing for yourself and to make yourself better and to be confident in your choices.

- Labhaoise McHugh

Chryssie encourages everyone to be the best version of themselves! Whether you're the next Broadway star or this is your first class, Chryssie will push you to be your best! Her experience as a performer, teacher and choreographer is invaluable when it comes to her advice within her classes! I assure you that you'll leave Chryssie's class beaming from ear to ear as positive vibes are top priority with her!

-Jamie O'Leary

Nikki Snelson Master Classes

"The Masterclass with Nikki Snelson was a wonderful insight into the world of Broadway and the skills required to reach that level. Nikki was engaging, encouraging and super friendly - everything you'd want in a masterclass setting.  Her experience spoke for itself and her routines were both challenging and exciting.  It was wonderful to learn so much in such a fun environment.  As a young performer, the experience I gained from my time in the Masterclass was invaluable and I would highly recommend future Masterclasses to anyone seeking training to develop their skills.  My thanks to Nikki and Rory for such a wonderful experience."


"Working with the Nikki was an amazing experience and something I will never forget! Great laughs and fun were had but also tough work! She is truely inspirational and joy to work with! Best 2 and half hour workshop I have ever done and I would highly recommend to all ages!" Evan O Hanlon, TheatreBox Stage School

Rachelle Rak Classes

'I just wanted to let you know how much Isolde and Lia enjoyed the workshop over the last few afternoons. They were really on a high this evening, and completely Sassed Up!!

Rachelle is clearly very warmhearted, in addition to her talents.'

- MaryRose McGovern

Laura Bell Bundy Classes

'Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity to meet her and learn from her! Laura Bell Bundy was so amazing to work with, she was so engaging and tried her very best to teach us everything she could to make our performance better! It really seemed like she really cared about each and everyone of us and was so kind and so full of knowledge! She really was a pleasure to be around and a fantastic teacher.'

My masterclass experience with Laura Bell-Bundy was more than I could've hoped for. Laura led her class with grace, humor, and care. You felt like you were working with one of your friends and not a Broadway star as she effortlessly eased any nerves that were in the room and gave incredible tips and advice based on her years of experience. I honestly believe not a single person left the room without significant improvement and a smile on his/her face. I had a ton of fun, learned many helpful tips, and bonded with a room full of strangers.

Wicked Intensive/Class

FANTASTIC .... i'm so proud of aisling, she loved meeting and learning from Ben, she was sooooooo excited that he was actually in the original cast of WICKED.

Ben and Rory were positive, professional, motivational & inspiring !

We very much look forward to the next workshop :)


-Emma Tierney

"Everything you could want from a workshop; challenging, exciting, informative, fun! I learnt things that will stay with me throughout my whole life! Thanks so much to Ben and Rory for giving me this opportunity"

- Alice Hunter

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