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HUES PRODUCTIONS, established in 2014, is an organization of professionals bringing Broadway to Ireland.  We take top of the line dancing, singing, and acting Masterclasses to stage schools with the skills of experienced performers from Broadway, NYC, LA, the West End and Ireland.

We offer the knowledge, practice, and wisdom of professional practitioners across the spectrum of performance art. Our team consists of actors, dancers, casting directors, musical directors, choreographers, and Film professionals. These training sessions help to lead the students into future productions, including our own Broadway and Beyond event. Broadway and Beyond showcases young, upstart talent in Dublin and allows them to be seen by those that can move them further into the acting, singing, and dancing industries.



Our mission is to widen and diversify musical theatre around Ireland.  We offer stage schools fresh inspiration to introduce new colours and layers in the work practice of student performers, to build confidence and an understanding of their own creativity, and to show through professional practice how their imagination can be unlocked.




We use dance and movement as a basis for training and disciplining the imagination, and as an inspiration for honesty and openness in expression and presentation.

Our process is to work with students starting at age 9 in order to help shape fundamentally sound practice in the formative years for all kinds of expression. As the students progress,  we will offer opportunities for skilled pupils to work with our team of professionals in the development of their own work in theatre, Film, play-making, dance, and choreography.

Developing these skills with professionals will bring more performing opportunities here in Ireland via concerts and productions.




"The dancers body is simply the luminous manifestation of the soul"

-Isadora Duncan


"That's what makes acting so attractive. You get to break all your own rules" - Gerardine Clark

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