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Ways to Remain Positive...

We all need to be reminded to stay positive once in a while and wanted to share ideas and apply it to a career in theatre...

- DO NOT take it personally: This is for everyday life, BUT in theatre we have to stand by this because we are in front a lot of people putting our heart and souls on the line for work. If we took everything personally we would beat ourselves up every day, every hour, every minute. We do not know why we do not get cast MOST of the time. Once you feel like you did a great job in an audition, leave that in the room and go to the next one. WE must learn to move forward quickly. If not, this can eat you alive... seriously! Trying to figure out what 'they want' will lead you into a bitter self doubting, negative path.

- Remain Grateful for what is going well. What jobs you do get, what job you have to support yourself; you have a roof over your head and you are not starving. We have to remember this more often, when we get down. TRY to see the positives in everything you do.

Example: If you get cut from an audition for a show you always wanted be in just by 'Type.' If you took it personally and let the negative take over, you may not have been grateful for the extra time and gone to the next audition and 'booked it.'

- Remind yourself that everyone has their own journeys. WE are all on our own Journey's through life. We could have similar journeys to someone else but are never the same. Trust this and enjoy the adventure!

- Any Challenge put in front of you, look at it as a way to grow, learn from and discover more about yourself. THIS is an opportunity to grow as a performer and USE in your work. Challenges can make you stronger but will also allow you to bring the lessons learned to your acting, singing, dancing. Self- Discovery!

Example: Your in a relationship that is going nowhere and very difficult to break it off in real life. The Struggle and challenges we can take and use in a scene of a play or musical that has the same situation. If you didn't live through it, you could have much more difficulty relating to the part.

- Spend time alone. This is important and a friend said the same thing in her weekly video 'Office Hours.' This means no one around you and NO Phones, social Media etc. This could be to meditate, reflect, read a book to let your mind release, etc. This is really to take time away from everything else happening in your life. This can help centre yourself and 'recharge.'

- If you are around someone that is negative, make a change.

Go thru the steps above and Keep positive.

You can also ask yourself and others how to fix the problem instead of dwelling on it.

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