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Why Sponsor the Arts?

Sponsorship is about engaging with your customers in a space they feel passionately about. Sponsoring the Arts ensures your brand is fully integrated with the experience and our patrons see you as the force which made that moment of magic happen. Your company will be enhancing the quality of life in Ireland not only economically but culturally as well.

Why watch from the Wings when you can be on centre-stage?

  1. Enhance your corporate reputation in the community

  2. Inject authenticity to your brand

  3. Engage with your customers on a personal level

  4. Bring creative thought into your business

  5. Develop your cause-related marketing strategy

  • Over 80pc of sponsors would choose an arts sponsorship over another type of sponsorship, because it creates unique events and experiences

  • 68pc say arts sponsorship provides more engagement with customers than other types of sponsorship

Our goal is to Provide Students the opportunity to learn and work with professionals to develop their craft, whether it is through master classes or professional productions.

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Master Class Series

All of our classes are designed to offer theatre-loving kids an enriching educational experience with Celebrity Artists from Broadway and Film/TV. We provide a challenging yet supportive environment to explore their creativity and perfect their craft in acting, singing and dance.

We aim to provide unique experiences that develop important life skills, encourage self-expression, inspire personal exploration and motivate authentic development for students ages 9+. Research suggests that creativity helps children maintain good mental and physical health. There is evidence that participating in the arts can improve student literacy and overall academic achievement.  Sponsoring our classes enables us to keep the costs at reasonable prices, while guaranteeing the celebrities fees.


Most importantly, our mission is to make these opportunities available to children and/or schools who would not be able to otherwise participate in our theater arts programs due to financial constraint.  


Here is what the stars have said about coming over to Ireland! 

We have already brought over 5 Broadway Stars to Ireland from 2014 to the present.  


Laura Bell Bundy:

Rory & Hues Productions is very much in touch with the individual needs and talents of each student and is invested in harnessing their potential.

They are able to bring in top notch broadway talent to teach young hopefuls and often when they are able to work with and get to know someone who has 'made it,' they feel closer to their own Dreams coming true.

It was a pleasure to teach with them, and to work with the incredible musical theatre talent in Ireland. I look forward to coming back and digging in again soon.

-(Tony Nominee Elle Woods in Legally Blonde The Musical, Hairspray, Wicked )


Rachelle Rak:

"Ireland is rich with talent and I was so impressed with Hues productions for bringing me to some of the most established schools but, also offering open classes to anyone in the community. Broadway is a community and I felt that same love and connection with the performers in Ireland.”

(Fosse, Catch me if you Can, Dance Moms… 25+ years on Broadway)


Chryssie Whitehead:

Rory Hughes brought me over to Ireland and was my fabulous host the past 10 days, as he booked 8 schools across the country who would be interested in having my @dasiwithchryssie workshops. He is a passionate man who is excited about furthering musical theatre in Ireland and producing more work there. Originally from the states, he worked in America and also lived in NYC. He will provide you with teachers, guest artists and training from performers who really know their craft. Thank you, Rory, for a wonderful time traveling the country and introducing me to schools who are hungry and excited to learn more.

-  (A Chorus Line, Company, Chicago)


When we travel to stage schools and Communities around Ireland we bring professionalism, knowledge, passion, energy, commitment and excitement.  Depending on how many schools the artist goes into we can teach anywhere from 50-200+ Students.

For example: Chryssie Whitehead taught 8 classes ( in 2017) around the country and there was about

180+ students learning from her.


Nikki Snelson:


"I had the very best time working with Rory Hughes and Hughes Productions around the UK and Ireland.  It was magical meeting and working with the students and instructors from around the area. Rory has that wonderful mix of professionalism and reliability.   I simply LOVED bringing my Broadway knowledge to the wonderful talent around the region. Thank you, Rory and Hughes Productions. I cannot wait to return!"
(Legally Blonde, Sweet Charity, A Chorus Line, Annie Get Your Gun)


Ben Cameron:

"Rory Hughes is just about the only person I know who can seamlessly connect Broadway w/ Ireland and beyond. His passion and connection make a him a force to be reckoned with. I can only hope that my amazing students in Ireland got half as much out of our experience as I did.Thank you Rory for sharing Irish culture with us as we share Broadway with the talented artist on the Emerald Isle"  

  • (Aidia, Footloose, Wicked, Broadway Sessions and more)

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