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Holding On Dance

Our Debut Production 

-'A Powerful piece exploring grief and all its raw emotions'

-'It so aptly showed the stages of grief in their purest forms' 

-'Powerful and moving'

-'Stunning Choreography portrayed so beautifully by some of Ireland's best dancers'

Hues Productions produced our Debut Production this past October 2016. The production was a dance piece called ‘Holding On’ which explores grief in two parts. We had a stellar team working with us: David Doyle, Neil O’Brien, & Nina Pongratz. We launched our crowdfunding campaign to help us raise the necessary funds and to bring this piece to life on stage.  

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More information about the piece:

Part one begins with those honored in the sculpture called “The Dark Elegy” by Suse Lowenstein, the mother of one of the passengers killed in the skies over Lockerbie, Scotland, (Pan Am flight 103) in 1988. Her son was on way back from his London study abroad with Syracuse University, Rory Hughes' alma mater.
The performance will move into how we try to 'hold on' when life unexpectedly gets out of control. From loss of a family member, to loss of a relationship, to even loss of what could have been, we continue on and struggle to get by day by day. With this piece we are taking everyday realities and exploring the journey we take to live and love, even when our whole world crashes down around us.


Dark Elegy
Dark Elegy
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