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It is easy to fall, but hard to rise.      - Dann Moudry Falling and getting back up is what brings you success. - Tony Horton The past month several events happen led that knocked myself down. whether it’s business, emotional, physical there is something to learn from it. One thing for sure is to not take life for granted. What is happening in the world has had myself and others question purpose and existence. Peoples lives were lost in big preventable tragedies and until the issue is addressed it keeps happening. Denial of others will not help. my passions and desires are a small ‘blip’ when there is a set back compared to the bigger picture. Getting back up and finding my feet again is the hardest part but will happen. It will take time , I will have to reflect and I need to allow the time to grow as a person and business. It’s timely that thanksgiving is happening this week in the USA. I am thankful that I am alive, healthy, have shelter, food, love, friendships, and family. Let us all remember the important things I, we, sometimes can take for granted. 

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