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How to Prepare for a Master Class

School year is about to begin and master classes will be starting too!

Hues Productions hosts Master Classes that range from 1-4 day intensives, or we go into schools with guest Artists from Broadway and West End. These classes can be strenuous on both the mind and the body, but mostly they provide helpful techniques that are extremely useful in the theatre, but also everyday life.

How to Prepare for Class

Of course, there are many uncertainties going to a new class, and our Masterclasses are no exception. We have compiled a list of things of what to bring to class, how to properly prepare your mind and body before you enter the studio and after you leave the studio.

What to Bring:
  • Proper Shoes (ie - jazz, ballet, tap, heels, bring everything)

  • Proper Dance Attire (ie - tight fitting clothes)

  • If you wear baggy clothes, the teachers cannot see exactly how you are moving your body, so they cannot teach as effectively. This will be difficult to give corrections to learn.

  • Healthy snacks or drinks

  • Be sure to bring in enough water and or a drink with electrolytes. (Careful of too much sugar in drinks)

  • Bring in a healthy Lunch if classes lasts all day

  • Bring healthy snacks to have throughout the day

How to Physically and Mentally Prep
  • Arrive

  • 5-10 minutes Early is ‘Being on Time,’ On time is ‘late’ and Being Late is ‘Unacceptable’

  • Before

  • Prepare Mentally: focus your mind to take in critique, learn something new and be open and vulnerable to grow.

  • Warm up vocally in the shower beforehand

  • I, the CEO do this; but also the steam is healthy to keep the throat moist.

  • Sing into a pillow to muffle the noise to warm up vocally. This way you do not wake others up and or disturb your family.

Start warming up before class begins

  • This gets your blood pumping and preps your body before the stretching in class

  • Arriving early also allows the performer to develop good habits, especially for the future. This could be future productions but any future job as well.

  • During

  • keep your body warm

  • keep yourself Hydrated