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Don't give up what you love doing...



Relax, Breathe, go back to your hobbies & take a break from studies!

This will benefit you in the long run!

The leaving certs and end of the year exams are fast approaching...

What I find interesting is that students stop doing their weekly activities. Why would you give up something that make you happy. If you love dancing, singing and acting why would you stop taking classes a couple months before and during the exams?

The endorphins released (like Elle Woods says '“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.") will keep you happy. Having your brain focus on something else for even 30 min to an hour is also better to go back to your studies with more clairty.

A study that was conducted at Princeton University about the effects of exersice on the brain discovered how it really reduces Anxiety! Anxiety and stress is something that really builds up at this time of year & giving up what you love to do as a hobby could be a detrement to your growth in learning and anxiety/stress levels.

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