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Helping Students Find their Future

Here at Hues Productions, we do more than just bringing Broadway to Ireland; we help build the foundation for our students’ futures.

Hard Work Pays Off

Hues Productions puts on a series of intensives and Master Classes every year in which we connect dancing, singing, and acting students with professionals who use their expertise and unique methods to teach new tricks, provide fresh perspectives, and give a taste of what the world of Broadway and The West End is really like. After going through one of our rigorous training classes, our students have a much better understanding of the life of a Broadway star, and what it takes to be the best. Many of the dancers, singers, and actors that have attended our classes have moved on to the stage or studio.

We Help Our Students

Not only does Hues Productions host excellent classes that provide the necessary guidance for Broadway success, but we also care about those that attend our sessions. Students that frequent our events become recognized by the professional teachers, choreographers, and producers that are a part of the HP Family. Attendees leave our sessions with more dancing, singing, or acting skills, and connections in the professional realm. Hues Productions has relationships with professionals and producers that need actors for their shows, but we also produce our own show: Broadway and Beyond! Broadway and Beyond is an excellent opportunity for many of our dedicated students to work towards. Professional and aspiring professionals showcase their talents on stage, and it’s the perfect stepping stone into the difficult world of Networking, West End and Broadway.

Success Speaks for Itself

“It’s not about what you know, but who you know.” This happens to be the case in almost any industry, but especially Broadway. Of course, one needs extreme talent and ability to become a Broadway star, but knowing someone in the industry helps put one’s colloquial “foot in the door.” One such example is one of our past teachers, Rachelle Rak. Rachelle taught a Master Class for us in October of 2015. In the past, she knew and worked with a soon-to-be Tony-winning director and Choreographer who was casting the production, “La Cage Aux Folles'. Rachelle also knew a student she was working with at the time, saw something in him at age 16, and made a phone call. Following the recommendation from Rachelle, he went on to make his debut in “La Cage Aux Folles,” at 17 years old and is now an associate choreographer on Broadway.

This could happen today as well with HP.

Another story is one of our first 'Rising Stars' of Broadway and Beyond who also took our Master Classes. She was not aware of the New DIT Irish Musical Theatre program, so HP recommended that she apply based on her skill.

This student was coached by Ben Cameron and Rory Hughes during said Master Class series on her song, her choices, and the best way to represent herself. She was accepted to the program and is currently in her second semester!

Try Us Out

We want the best for our students both on and off the stage, and we love seeing success for everyone that comes through our classes. If you’re interested in Master Classes, Broadway and Beyond, or want to talk, please contact us.

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