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I chose this topic to write about because the word has become very important to me lately.

The Definition of Opportunity is: "A time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. A chance or prospect"

I love the term "set of Circumstances" in the definition of Opportunity because in acting this is a very important tool for us to use to create a character, time and place. More on that subject in another Blog.

I Rory Hughes, and Hues Productions have a chance to do something great and in my gut I believe it is important for us to grow stronger. This Opportuinty will bring something to my company to build itself, as well as create new projects.

The only way to utilise any "Opportunities" is to follow your heart and gut when it comes to you even when you are not expecting them. Also when it is the right time too.

Some opportunities come and go but when they are presented to you and you feel as if it is worth the effort and time then GO for it. I am GOING for it! #opportunity #goforit #sendingintouniverse.

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