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Coming to an End...

I guess all things must come to an end... David Letterman is retiring and leaving behind such a legacy. I always would watch Letterman over Jay Leno any day.

I haven't been able to watch much over here in Ireland but have always loved watching his show on TV and LIVE.

I do hope to be able to watch the last episode somehow online. (ANY leads on how to let me know?) I am proud of my friend Bethany Williams​ who has worked at the Late show ever since we graduated college and will be moving onto her next adventure. Becauseof her, I was able to see the show Live a couple of times and will never forget being there for taping right after 9/11 when he first aired again on September 19th. My favourite quote was when Dan Rather got upset and said he had stay nuetral being a reporter and Dave said to him "you are a human and its ok" essentially. It is end of an Era as people like me grew up watching him and his show! From the cold studio watching Live (and forgettting to NOT watch the TV screens around the stage), to frying an egg on the NYC streets, to the Deli next door, to the countless Broadway shows performing, to the stars that appeared on his show... YOU David Letterman will be missed!

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