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Lady Gaga Oscars 2015

Lady Gaga just performed the 50th anniversary tribute to the "Sound of Music" written by Rogers and Hammerstein.

I wanted to comment on this because her performance shows how she is a true talent AND artist. Also more talented than we knew.

She was muscial Theatre trained to begin with as this performance demonstrates.

1.) I was so excited to hear her head voice and vibrato used in this instance. I didn't know she had that range.

2.) There was NO Auto-tune used here!

3.) Shows how she is an all around true artist as she sings jazz, pop and musical Theatre

4.) She stayed true to the original songs written by musical Theatre Legends

5.) NO riffing needed.

One small critique: Some of her arm movements were overly presentational and unnatural. < More to come on this topic.>

THE ICING ON THE CAKE: Julie Andrews coming out after Lady Gaga sang and giving a huge hug and warm thank you for the performance. I LOVE Julie Andrews!

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