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Dealing With Rejection in the Theatre World

As a performer, everyone has dealt with some sort of rejection, whether it be from a performance, from fellow peers, or in one’s social life. In this blog, we share how to expect “no’s” and how to deal with them when they come.


Understand It’s Part of the Territory

You won’t get every single role you audition for. Unfortunately, directors have specific pictures in their minds of what each role comprises, and you may not fit the bill, despite being talented enough. But don’t let it get you down! Even Jake Gyllenhaal has been rejected from some pretty big roles… Being turned down often has a way of leading you to your best roles yet, and it also can teach you how to audition better in the future. Learning from failure is often even better than learning from success.

Audition for Loads of Roles

If you keep yourself busy, you’re bound to get some roles, even if you get turned down from others. Don’t let one rejection keep you from auditioning for other roles. Your reason for rejection may have had nothing to do with your abilities, but maybe it was focused on some other reason. Therefore, keep moving along, and apply to loads of roles, because you’ll get some of them.

Use Rejection for Fuel

It sounds pretty intense, but take the “no’s” you get from auditions and use them to push you to do better. Instead of allowing them to drag you down, keep driving and make yourself the kind of applicant that the next director would love to have. Take more classes, practice every day, and study the world of theatre, and you’ll find yourself more of a professional than you would have become had you received the role in the first place! The previous 'No' could lead to the next 'Yes'

Don’t Lose Hope

Not getting a role isn’t the end of the world. As you can see from all the previous bits of advice, there’s a lot you can do to stay on your feet and keep moving. Just don’t let a rejection mentally drag you down. Surround yourself with positive friends and make sure that you’re doing your best at every audition, and you’ll get your role! Just stay positive:)

Contact Us

If you’re looking to get that extra leg up on your competition or make connections in the professional theatre realm, then let us know! We host master classes taught by Broadway and West End professionals that you can attend! We also produce “Broadway and Beyond,” a great stepping stone for up-and-coming theatre students who want some experience alongside professionals! Email us or visit our website for more info.

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