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The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman

Happy New year Everyone!

We start our new 2018 Blog with Positives. The Movie 'The Greatest Showman' starring HUGH Jackman is a positive. The movie has some flaws but if you sit back and relax you will truly enjoy yourself.

I sat there really enjoying the visuals, singing and choreography. We also learn how PT. Barnum had changed how we see show business today.

The music by Pasek and Paul is just phenomenal. It drives the story forward and really packs a punch with the orchestration, melodies and most importantly the message. 'This is me' is on repeat a lot now and has made Keala Settle a star. We have known her from Broadway for many years now and how powerful she is, but now the world knows now. We also needed this type of song to come out to help anyone be true to who they are and for others to accept them for who they are. It is a reminder that although we have different DNA, skin color and look different, we are all HUMAN.

The other performances were phenomenal but Keala and Hugh stood out for me the most. Zac, Zendaya and Michelle were great but wasn't what made the film for me as a whole. Saying that, the flying of Zac and Zendaya was pretty fantastic though.

The biggest flaw of the film I thought was the casting of actress 'Rebecca Ferguson.' Not that she wasn't great playing the role but the fact that they dubbed her voice for the big song 'Never Enough' was frustrating. This is another epic song and amazing belt song for a woman. The problem is that there are plenty of actresses who sing AND act and could have played this role just as well or better. Yes Loren Allred's voice is amazing but I would like Hollywood to finally cast people that can do both more often... like they did for all the other roles and helped make Keala a new star to the world.

Overall, the film left me with a smile and excitement in musicals that I haven't felt in a long time.


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