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POOF-It's Gone

I wanted to bring up a life lesson that all of us can learn from. Thank you Chryssie Whitehead for bringing this to light.

Poof's, as she refers to, are thoughts in our mind that can make or break us or another person. We have thousands of thoughts going through our mind all day. We also decide which thought will stay a thought and 'Poof' go away!

Allowing the 'Poofs' to become verbal and out of our mouth could be Judgments. We can self judge or judge others, which in turn can take over our lives and we do not grow as a person and as a performer. We must let them go and as a student said, 'blow them away.'

You will drive yourself crazy by thinking 'was I good enough?' 'they didn't like my look.' 'they hated me' or 'they are talking about me' 'why was she/he looking at me like that?' Then these thoughts go through our minds over and over again. WE do not have control in the casting process except to be and do our best. Then we move on and keep training and improving as performers and as humans.

So remember ... when they appear like a cloud above our head similar to a cartoon... blow them away!

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