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Tony Award Nominations

The Tony award Nomination for 2017 were just announced. This year was an incredible year of productions. Some great nominations and of course deserved, but you will also see those who get upset about the production and people that have been 'Snubbed.' There will always be people and productions that are get left out. Let us remember that shows that have been snubbed in the past have been very successful on and off Broadway:

Jesus Christ Superstar

{Title of Show}



Legally Blonde



The Rocky Horror Picture Show

and many more...

The Important thing to remember as well is to do the best work you can do, keep giving the audience a journey, always giving it 100%, & enjoy/relish in the fact that the show is on Broadway.

2016-2017 Broadway has had an incredible season and this is what matters. Being a part of any show on Broadway, cast or creative is an honor and getting nominated is an added bonus.

We wish all the nominees a congratulations but we wish everyone and every show a BIG congrats to bringing these amazing stories to life!

Much love and excited to see clips from the award show next month.

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