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How Dancing Helps the Mind

There are a lot of excellent benefits that dancing produces, both physically, mentally, and more. Here are some of the ways that dancing helps the brain.

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I thought we should re-share this post and how helpful it is for the mind

Short-term Effects

Any kind of exercise releases chemicals that help with one’s mental state. Many people go jogging not just for the physical health benefits, but also because it helps them stay positive. According to Treadmill Doctor, The endorphin's that are released in your system while staying active in dance classes help improve your mood, keep you healthy, and make you want to keep exercising. Dance, being one of the most powerful types of cardio workouts, is a spectacular way to have fun while improving your mind and body by leaving the gym refreshed and happy.

Long-term Effects

Dance isn’t just helpful in the short-run. It’s also extremely helpful in all aspects of life, particularly for students. Memorizing dance moves teaches dance students how to copy and retain information through movements and actions. Therefore, students can be more successful in their classes if they apply what they’ve learned in dance class to their textbooks. According to this Stanford study, dancing can even help ward off memory fading! Many people who end up losing their short-term memory have a habit of choosing the same “mental path” to help them remember something, but dancing teaches them to mentally “freestyle” and change up their pattern. Therefore, dancing exercises the mind just as much as it does the body.

Start Dancing!

Now that you know the benefits of dancing, get involved! Hues Productions hosts several Master Classes that taught by professionals in all fields of dance, and even singing and acting. Check out more information here or email us with any questions.

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