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Why Your Child Should Be Taking Dance Classes

A lot of parents struggle deciding what to get their kids involved in. In this blog, we suggest you get your kids involved in Dance.

It’s Amazing Exercise

Ever notice how young kids can bend around like a pretzel and it doesn’t seem to bother them? Dance takes advantage of that skill, and makes them even more flexible, before their abilities start to wear off. Therefore, they’re able to stay flexible and build muscle without too much of a struggle. Furthermore, dancing keeps them moving, which burns off a lot of that exorbitant energy kids seem to have! Not only is dance a healthy activity for them to get involved in, it’s also a lot of fun, and it keeps them social and active.

It Helps With Schooling

Oddly enough, getting involved in dance has the potential of actually improving your children’s grades. Because they have to memorize dance moves and cues for various plays they’ll be involved in, they’ll be able to prepare themselves for classroom situations where memorization is also necessary. Not to mention, a healthy amount of physical activity clears the mind and allows for more focused thinking, so after dance practice, they should be ready and able to do their homework!

It’s a Great Social Network

Of course, one of the reasons to get your kids involved in any extracurricular activities is to make new friends, but in dance classes, it’s a great environment for friendship. Much like a sports team, where everyone works together, dance is an environment where everyone has an important role, and at their young age, everyone is learning together. With fun classes and performances, your child is sure to make friends and have a great time.

How to Get Involved

If you’re interested in having your children get involved with dance classes, or theatre classes of any kind, email us, or visit our website! We host master classes taught by professionals several times per year for students aged 9-18!

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