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Reflecting and Gratitude...

As I sit here on the couch looking outside at the horrible weather I am thinking about the past year. It has been a ride. we have had four master classes with exceptional talent/friends teaching and have ha 3 Broadway and Beyond shows. Nikki Snelson started us off at the end of 2014 into Ben Cameron coming in the Beginning of 2015, to Laura Bell Bundy coming to trave and teach more adult classes and to finish the year SAS, Rachelle Rak from Dance Moms. Each teacher brought passion, energy, enthusiasm, and their own experiences performing on Broadway. I truely believe it helped shape some performers to look at their work and grow from it. I learned a lot from watching myself and to start coaching myself in the coming year. I have coached some before and really have enjoyed it. if you want to learn more about coaching with Rory please email As we look ahead into 2016 we will have more teachers come over to teach and Nikki Snelson is coming back in the beginning of June and very excited about that. Tome Cousins is looking to come over in May, Shelly Hutchinson, and more. It is difficult sometimes to plan when the teachers go in and out of Broadway shows, but will make it all happen. We are also looking at having 4-5 Broadway and Beyond shows and hopefully keep it at the Lovely Sugar Club. Please keep updated on Facebook, twitter and this website.

I am looking to put my dance project on its feet next year as well. Lots to do and possibly will be crowdfunding for this to happen. I have some great ideas and through line for this piece. more to come on this.

Gratitude for 2015 for those that came to teach, take class, sang and or attended Broadway and Beyond, and of course those who have supported us so far.

To the excitement of 2016 and Future.

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