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Alex Sharpe - Les Miz

On the 10th of October at the Helix Theatre I was treated to a fabulous production of the School Edition of Les Miserables by the MSPA ( Moore School Of Performing Arts ).

Having the wonderful opportunity to spend 2 years in the 1998-2000 UK touring production it holds a very special place in my heart so I am pretty protective of it.

But I was not to be disappointed, firstly I was thrilled that although the school edition is slightly shorter in length I didn't feel that any of the story was sacrificed.

I thought the cast were outstanding!!! They handled the piece with great maturity and told the story with great integrity.

I thought the role of Jean Val Jean was played with great depth and exceptionally sung for such a young actor, indeed all those playing the lead roles sang with great dexterity.

It was wonderful to see such a full stage and to hear such volume in all the ensemble numbers.

The band were also excellent!!! and very professionally all held together by their more than capable conductor.

I thought all the actors playing leading roles had great commitment to their characters, and I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if many of them were to continue onto playing lead roles in the Westend.

I thought the sound was top class!!! never lost a single word....I guess it helps when you find yourself almost mouthing the lyrics during the show...

I loved the lighting!!!

The only moment that threw me for a loop was the choice for Eponine to appear in a nightgown duringJean Val Jeans death scene at the end,I don't know if this is a new direction for the revised production throughout the world, but personally I think it is stronger to have the definition between Fantine and Eponine by appearing in their death clothes, I think it confuses the audience and unsettles the continuity of the story.

Well done to everyone involved and a particular mention to those who directed it ( directors names) it's such a huge production and can be hard to get it right, I'm sure everyone who went to see it felt the spirit and the message of the story that Victor Hugo wrote....."To love another person is to see the face of God"

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