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Love Me Tender...

I just went to see "Love Me Tender" also known as "All Shook Up." First let me say I am not entirely sure why they renamed the show since "All Shook Up" has been known for about 10 years now. The show had a lot of great energy, some great singing, and acting. Overall I did enjoy myself but some issues brought it down.

The show lacked sound and had some very obvious dancing mistakes. I am not sure if it is the Bord Gais Theatre or if the sound person wasn't as skilled, but the ensemble was very hard to hear. The orchestrations and harmonies make the show and how \i fell in love with it on Broadway. It was Incredible. ( I did see the Broadway show and it would have actually lasted had the producer hadn't screwed up.) You really missed hearing the back up vocals and hearing what they were singing. This made me think somehow they weren't even mic-ed. My facvourite Moment was the act one finale which lacked luster with sound problems and lacking simple and smart staging. When I saw the show on Broadway in this moment you felt washed over with chills and power. It is a shame this moment got lost.

The dancing and choreography was good but I did notice a lot of mistakes happening and people off count. I was very surprised since the UK tour is about to come to an end. The show has been on the road for a good while now and people not dancing together and being flawless was disappointing I must say. I also think some of the choreography could have lent itself to the through-line a bit more as well.

The Audience you could tell really enjoyed the show and thought it was good... This really has to do with the fact that the music is all Elvis and the story line is based on a few of the Comedies of Shakepeare.

BUT it could have been Incredible with some sound fixes, choreography fixes and some very small Direction fixes.

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