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I had the pleasure of going to see the Glasnevin Musical Societies Production of "Sister Act"

This up beat musical gets you on your feet at the end and gets you to raise your voice. Congrats to the Society presenting such a great production. The limitations of the National Music Hall could have been very difficult but the set was used quite well. I did think one part of the staging was made too far back of the set that it took away from the scene work in the beginning scenes.

With the set being limited, one thing the Concert Hall has is incredible accoustics and proved to be. The harmonies, words and pitches of the singers were very clear and spot on.

My friend who I went with loved it as well and thought it was a high standard. So much so he commented on the actress Me'sha Bryan playing Deloris/Sr. Mary Clarence being better than the UK tour actress. The actor Ian Carlyle Lt playing Eddie Souther was endearing and reminded me of my good friend Billy Porter. I really enjoyed Danna Davis as the Mother Superior and Maggs Jacob as Sr. Mary Patrick. Magges brought the bubbly over enthusiastic character we all learned to love in the film played by with Kathy Najimy. David Latham playing Curtis along with his mob crew were very good even though I thought the song David first sang was a throw away arangement by the author. It didn't grow musically and in my opinion didn't showcase David's full range of voice.

The performance that really stood out to me was Sr. Mary Roberts played by Orla Walsh. We all wait for that role to bring the roof off with her voice and did she ever. She brought the neighborhood down with the power behind her voice. But that was not just what she brought to the role. She brought the naivete, meek, loveable character to life we all love from the film.

Overall I was very happy to have decided to 'Get Up' and attend this show.

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