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I am inspired by the article below regarding the Fundamentals of Dance. Primarily that the core of all dance forms stems from...BALLET!

I have noticed that ballet has been handed a short straw regarding dance and training.

Ballet is the basis for all types of dance that we know and I do believe more people should be taking this form of dance more seriously. Ballet helps with core work, alignement, Port de bras (look up if you dont know), and preventing injuries to name a few. Now I am not saying you have to become a prima ballerina but learn from it to fuel your other dance passion.

I admit that I started to learn dance in a Jazz class BUT when I found that I needed to learn the basics I went to Ballet class as soon as possible.

From Hip Hop, Irish dance, Jazz, tap, and more dance styles... they all began from the foundation of ballet.

The question is 'Why' has it become less of a requirement?

Technique will help you as a dancer!

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